Sleeping in a studio in a border village between Maastricht and Liège

Stylish overnight stay

Studio LINFIN, where leather bags are normally designed and manufactured just like in the Maastricht studio, is suitable for 2 people and is located between Maastricht and Liège in the border village of Moelingen in Voeren.

" Attention to detail and you immediately gain home inspiration.

The location is easily accessible due to the nearby Autoroute du soleil (A2/E25) and is about 10 minutes by car from the two major cities.

The studio is a former historic stable that is now used as a design studio. From time to time, Elisabeth & Victor transform the studio into a cozy and atmospheric place to sleep.

The Space

At Studio LINFIN: a cozy living room with a large table and chairs, a comfortable seating area, a cozy bar, a delightful, stylish bathroom, and a facility to prepare a small warm meal. And finally, a pleasant garden.

" The studio is beautifully decorated, very clean, and spacious. And everything you need is available.

In the winter months, put on an extra warm sweater and don't forget to bring your slippers. The space is a historic stable and slightly cooler than an average living room. The warm blankets are ready, and we will already turn on the stove for you.


In addition to a comfortable bed with our own LINFIN linen, a cozy stove, a rainforest shower, and stylish interiors, there is also a Bluetooth speaker, a refrigerator, and coffee and tea available.

 Furthermore, there is, of course, WiFi, but we actually prefer that you enjoy each other and your surroundings.

Furthermore: bathrobes, porcelain and cutlery, free parking, and lots of coziness.

Oh yes, we find it impersonal to pick up your key from a locker with a pin code. Once you arrive at the location, we warmly welcome you with pleasure.

" Elisabeth & Victor and their family live right across the accomodation, so they are always nearby if there is anything.

Breakfast, lunch, drinks

With pleasure, we can also arrange breakfast. Or lunch. Or drinks. With attention to beautiful ingredients and stylish presentation.

" Breakfast is highly recommended, very varied with delicious French press coffee. Lots of attention to detail and small attentions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about ingredients and/or prices.

" Everything was perfect and the space and your whole vibe inspired me greatly and made something in my heart click and it was exactly what I needed.

Hiking and Cycling

Studio LINFIN is the ideal place to go for a walk.

The 'Voerstreek', of which the church village of Moelingen is a part, is a great walking paradise. For example, enjoy the Bronnenwandeling. This route takes you along typical half-timbered houses and a beautiful graft landscape. Or take a city walk through the nearby historic cities of Aachen, Liège, or Maastricht.

" Following Elisabeth & Victor's recommendation, we took the Bronnenwandeling with beautiful views. Then enjoyed by the fire in the studio. Highly recommended if you want something different from the Ardennes.

To take home

We often get asked if something is also for sale. The answer is...yes!

The Studio is filled with what is conceived or manufactured in our studio. A series of iconic design pieces, vintage items, art, and designs of our own making.

And so, exclusively for our guests, also to be packed and taken home.

" An interior that you just want to pack and take home.

Reservation & Info

Want to make a reservation in advance?

Book directly via Airbnb or send us an email

" Sometimes you fall in love with an interior. This transformed stable is one breathtaking space!

Our prices are based on a two-person stay. For an extra guest, there is a small additional fee.