Sleeping at LINFIN in a luxury guest suite or a completely styled seasonal tent

Stylish overnight stay in a studio between Maastricht and Liège

Studio LINFIN, where leather bags are normally designed and manufactured just like in the Maastricht studio, is suitable for 2 people and is located between Maastricht and Liège in the border village of Moelingen in Voeren.


" Attention to detail and you immediately gain home inspiration.

Sleeping in a fully styled and furnished seasonal tent

Back to basics, but with a touch of luxury. Cows nearby, surrounded by berry bushes, a lovely grass meadow, and plenty of hiking and cycling opportunities. Enjoy and get inspired in a tent fully furnished and styled by LINFIN.


" The breakfast every morning was a treat. This also applied to the red berries we were allowed to pick.

Unique Shot Hotspots

Every now and then our lodgings, our studio in Maastricht or our house in the Belgian Voerstreek shine as a unique Shot Hotspot. Our locations can also be booked as a perfect photo or film location.


A lodging, a studio, and a residential house as a perfect photo or film location

" Everything was perfect and the space and your whole vibe inspired me greatly and made something in my heart click and it was exactly what I needed.